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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Daily Dish Fail

Ashley & Crystal here! Okay so this was our 2nd time being on the Daily Dish and we had already been on Good Things Utah twice so you would think we would have this whole TV thing down right? WRONG! Okay so it all began when we took one of the dresses out of our bin to put on the mannequin. It was SO wrinkly, it looked horrible! We quickly went to the bathroom and used our hands to spray water on the dress. We put it under the air dryer, bad idea, because it kept shutting off! It started to look like the dress had dirt spots all over it. Luckily it did end up drying before the show. Next, we had a horrible wardrobe malfunction but I can't go into the details on that one! It was a bad one though and there was some freaking out haha! Now, it was teaser time, we were told that we needed to change the teaser that we were planning on doing. They thought that maybe us "fixing" our model would be good! UMMM NO it wasn't at all! How can you fix something that's perfect? Haha we pretty much played with her hair, fixed her already straight necklace and cardigan, and looked ridiculous! Even the camera guy and Troy agreed that it was totally awkward! Next up, as we are counting down from 3...2...1, boom, one of the dresses on our mannequin falls off! Nicea, our host, had to grab the dress off the floor and fix our mannequin (which we aren't sure why our mannequins need nipples, but they have them, and you can't miss them!) haha we were all in shock! Luckily this show is prerecorded so we were able to start over. Last but not least, Ashley decided to tell Crystal to stand up straight right before our show started. Right as the camera turned to us, Crystal chest popped like nobodys business! Hahaha it was an anxiety filled, crazy, but fun experience! We had a blast with Kourtney and hallelujah, we get a break from TV for a couple weeks! Good luck on Good Things Utah Vanessa! Hahaha! I hope you all got a laugh out of our complete fail on The Daily Dish! Too bad they don't have cameras back stage!

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